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    "I can't think of what I want to put here. Perhaps I will make this space show random blog entries, idk. I'm sure it will come to me eventually."
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Addicted to Tumblr

Well I've another addiction. Tumblr. And you know what? I like it, no, I love it! The only thing that saddens me is the fact that I had not paid too much attention to it until recently. For the longest time I've wanted a place where I can go just to look at things I want to look at. I can't express how much I enjoy looking at things that I like, not things that other people like, but things that are of interest to me.  

I can't get that satisifaction from Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. The content on these sites are way too random for my tastes. Tumblr, on the other hand is different. I've followed about a dozen bloggers so far, and in doing so, my homepage is now populated with imagery that I find in good taste, or rather similar taste to my own. The days of sifting through bullshit, just to hopefully find something of interest on other social media sites are fanito!