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Why am I single? Issue #1

So you're with your man and you notice your man look at another female in public for about 0.5 seconds.  What do you do? Ignore it? No of course not, because you're single [for the sake of this article anyway] Anyway so what do you do? Of course you have to confront your man. In that very moment of insecurity, and oblivousness to the laws of human nature, you go and open your mouth, and of course what comes out is mildew. That or you give him that awkward dirty look that screams of insecurity. Either way, the energy you've wasted trying to control what your man "briefly looks at" has resulted in you being single. No guy wants a female trying to control him, much less what he looks at out of the corner of his eye. So embrace it. Take it all in. You're single now. Look I'm just trying to help you out, yes you. Whomever you are. Was that 0.5 second glance in another womans direction, worth the 2 hour long fight you had with your man? And we've got the problem.  Riiiiight...